A Simple Realistic Guide To Physical, Mental & Spiritual Fitness


Zoe Roxanne embarked on a lifelong journey to achieve fitness, wellbeing, and happiness at age eleven when she learned to dance. Today, she is taking another giant step toward achieving her goals with the release of not one, but two books - MINDMUSCLE A Simple, Realistic Guide to Physical, Mental & Spiritual Fitness and P.S. You're Already Beautiful! (You Just Don't Know It!).

Zoe's journey has not been without setbacks. In her Introduction to MINDMUSCLE, she writes about her 18-year battle with bulimarexia - what she describes as the "double whammy" of eating disorders. She overcame it and seized the opportunity to change her life by choosing a new career as a certified personal trainer/group exercise instructor. Always seeking ways to challenge herself, Zoe developed her nationally acclaimed MINDMUSCLE program, which emphasizes her mind-body-spirit trademarked techniques.

Zoe has conducted continuing education courses and in the fall 0f 2010 she will be launching her new "Body-Esteem" workshop which will focus on the critical issues facing U.S. consumers today (young women in particular), who are putting themselves in jeopardy by making reckless choices that endanger their health and wellbeing in an effort to just "fit in." Using her MINDMUSCLE techniques, her own experiences, and some invaluable information from YWCA's info-article, "The Beauty Report," Zoe provides guidance and action steps to help you learn to eliminate yo-yo dieting, binge/purge/starvation eating disorders, and addiction to plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures that provide only "temporary" results.

Zoe invites you to join her journey to achieving self-acceptance, wellness, peace and happiness in your life.


Excellent! Terrific Article! Came at a good time for me too. I really want to get Botox. I just had a huge fight about money with my husband again. You speak the truth, stop wasting your money and chasing a stupid dream that is a figment of my imagination and a mirror of my own insecurity based upon feeling "useless" in society's eyes. Let's face it, no one is perfect. Not even the people whose pictures are airbrushed into fantasy land that we all aspire to become. Crud, I'm older and should be over this. The young girls are going to need a lot of help. Glad you're writing about this devastating problem. Thank you,

Angie Vanucci
Denver, Colorado

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P.S. You're Already Beautiful! (You Just Don't Know It!)

MindDo you stand in the way of your own true progress? Have you ever said, "It's too difficult for me to succeed, so why even try?" That's a copout because you refuse to risk failing in order to have a chance at success.
SpiritIs your body and mind separate? Do you want to engage into full association within yourself?
BodyAre you lifeless and tired of trying all those exercises or feel good gimmicks that make promises never to be attained?

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Before starting any exercise program consult with your physician. Zoe Roxanne Ztarr, MINDMUSCLE and or anyone affiliated with the contents of this website assumes no liability for the contents herein. Please use your own discretion and with physicians approval.

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